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About Us

About Us


About Us

A well-known education centre, Rivendell Academy specialises in providing structured, highquality tuition for students of all ages and skill levels from primary school to undergraduate degrees. Our modern centre offers a welcoming, engaging, and relaxing learning atmosphere so that students can feel secure and supported throughout their academic career.

Each and every person may thrive and achieve their full potential with the help of Rivendell Academy’s preparation, support, and guidance for young children and students throughout their academic careers.

We provide affordable, qualified tutoring for all subjects. All of our teachers are completely qualified, very experienced, talented, and committed professionals. All of them are approachable and eager to increase achievement and attainment. Each student receives a personalised learning programme after being evaluated.

Why choose us?

So much more than what you expect

Speak to any of our students and they will tell you that life doesn’t just mean achieving a new qualification. We impart a whole new range of skills and experiences that will prepare you for the next step. Whether progressing within education or employment.

Offering something a little different

Ready to take your learning to the next level? Rivendell Academy is here to help! Our unique educational program offers an engaging and stimulating learning environment, with personalized support and guidance from our experienced faculty. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to further your education, Rivendell Academy can provide the tools you need to succeed. Join us today and unlock your potential!

Enough with old school ways of learning, it’s time for a change!


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Teacher centered
Lengthy lectures
One-way presentations
Questionable model of teaching


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Blends teachers personality and interest with students needs
Promote self-learning
Develop critical thinking skills
Develop through exploration

We are here for…

  • Children with low self-esteem and confidence who need a boost
  • Children who need extra support
  • High achieving children who need challenging and extending further